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Sometimes it’s okay to look up – there are interesting things there too.

What is it with throwing someone’s (or your own) kicks up into the air onto these wires. Some people tell me it’s a marker; let’s you know where the crackhouse is. Other’s believe it’s just kids pranking each-other. Anyone dumb enough to pull this shit themselves? Or know why it goes down? I’m curious.

Recently I took a trip down to a local provider of fine canvas goods, Canvaspop. From their website they’ll look like any random “anywhere” based print shop, but finding a Canadian, or even Ottawa-based, distributor for me was huge because A. I could save on duty and shipping B. Work closer with the company to […]

I can’t watch the news, not the news that the media wants me to see. It’s full of tragedy, and more specifically, tragedy that has befallen children. You can’t read a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing the horror stories. As a parent, I’m pre-programmed to already imagine all the horror that can […]

I spend most of my time working in a “professional” environment and while I can, contrary to popular opinion, act the part – I often choose not to. Why? Life’s too fucking short. If I can do a good job, a great job even, and have some fun in the process what’s the problem? I’m […]

Full credit goes to Gord for inspiring this photo. For whatever reason he’s fascinated with telephone poles and equipment. We’re so intent on scouring the ground and what’s in front of us that we often forget to look up. This happens a lot in big cities – places like New York where the buildings have […]

It’s not often that I make an unintentional cameo in my photos, indeed, I can only think of one previously. It’s difficult to go out and take photos of “just anything” when you’re uninspired and, even more so, topped up on stress and bottomed out on sleep. But today I took it upon myself to […]

Beauty and Art are not mutually exclusive – as are most things that are subjective of course. Despite the filling of my life with our wonderful new son Alex, and the development of our first into a young batshitcrazy-toddler, I have found a certain creative void has formed within me. I can say, honestly, that […]

Wow – the past few weeks have been fairly intense. None of it photographic, sadly, all of it family and illness and doing whatever you can to make the people you love comfortable. My mom took the time to travel from Toronto to Ottawa to help me get food to Mel and Alex at CHEO. […]

Psyche! I totally took a better photo than yesterday’s post. I think this is it. It probably would have been cooler if I had managed to slap a polarizing filter on the lens though – really darken the sky and bring out the cool cloud detail. Still – I got this one printed up nice […]

Shooting Raissa & Adam’s wedding last year taught me a few very valuable lessons about wedding photography. One of them is to take a lot of shots – there were probably a dozen of this grouping – and this is the best. You’ll notice it’s far from perfect. Realistically I should have taken, maybe, double […]

I’m super excited to be booking some weddings this year. It’s a marvellous privilege to be allowed to document and photograph what is, for many, the single most important day of their lives. What’s especially nice is they sometimes come here and see that I post photos of doors and benches and stuff – so […]

I’m not really “going” for anything here – this image should not represent my artistic intent or style. It’s just a grab-shot I took, liked, ran through Lightroom and Nik’s Colorefexpro and pooped out this image. And I like it. I took this shot on Sommerset st. here in Ottawa, walking home after dropping Quinn […]

Certainly not the greatest of images – I still thought it might be an interesting view of the fire in the Glebe for folks who live in Ottawa. Shot this while leaning against my boardroom window at Carling & Bronson hand-held with the Canon G11 and processing Lightroom 3 Beta with Silverefex Pro for the […]

There’s still a a little leftover Ice on things here in Ottawa. Having to stay home, lest a baby suddenly burst forth from Mel’s womb, has afforded me a bit of reading time. Most of it (all of it) has been directly, or indirectly, related to the work of David duChemin, he’s a wonderful photographer […]

Ottawa was coated in a layer of ice. I could have gone out and taken shots a few days ago – but I didn’ wanna – it was cold and raining ice (I’m not stupid). Luckily today cleared up without losing the frosty charm of the past few days. In this shot you can see […]

This is stressful – have a good day everyone! (did Santa bring you cool camera gear? leave a comment.) If you’re interested in a quick batch of family photos you can see them here.

Some frost on a bench early this past Saturday morning. To shoot macro you really have to be well disciplined. It’s not the sort of photography that favours the hand-held free spirited fellow tilting his camera over his head to see if he gets a cool shot. Focus is not something to take lightly, and […]

Lighting is a tricky thing, though the principles are pretty simple and you can’t hear it enough: it’s the quality, not the quantity of light you get. So showing up early is a sure way to get a great quality of light in your images, not to mention you’re probably going to catch something that […]

For some silly reason I woke up before sunrise to go out and take photos. My fingers are still numb – but you’ll probably, at least, get a few photos out of me over the next few days.

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going out in the morning with Younes to maybe take pictures of some frozen stuff. Damned if I know our motivation. Art? As a side note, another buddy of mine, Josh developed a pretty neat add-on for this website that now lets you scroll through my posts with the […]

Can you finish the lyrics? Seems that the construction on Preston Street here in Ottawa has finally finished – it’s been about three years – longer than I’ve been living here. Apparently, like icing on the cake… no, icing is the asphalt… maybe like those little sugar roses that nobody likes; anyways, like those things, […]

Walking West on Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON I read on

Sometimes, even cold days, can be good days.