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Environmental Portrait Photography: Shooting for the Crop

Environmental Portraits by Ottawa Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto

Music Teacher for Career Cruising

Most of my photography work is corporate-commercial which means I’m often shooting environmental portraits, interiors, or whatever for a pre-determined output; like brochures, reports and, most commonly, websites. There’s no doubt that having a strong visual to accompany your website is an important factor of design, and sometimes the framework of that website needs the image to conform to very specific dimensions. This can become complicated as most cameras produce images within a 2:3 frame (some are 4:5), whereas a prevailing website design trend is moving towards very wide-format images. Cropped to a framework like facebook’s cover photo at 820×312 pixels which is more like 10:3. That’s essentially 1/3rd of an entire image taken with a 35mm SLR, so making sure you know the intended output beforehand is very important.


Editorial Photographer: Rethinking the Art of Living Green for Ottawa Magazine

Ottawa Editorial Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto

One of my favourite Editorial projects last year was a three-shoot series on “Rethinking the Art of Living Green” for Ottawa Magazine. It explored three different home-based (it was for the Interiors issues) lifestyles that are being explored in Ottawa. With a general theme on communal living, we visited an organic farm, a building in the city, and a farm-based development.


Commercial Photography: Kettleman’s Bagel Co. Food, Lifestyle, & Creative for print

Commercial Photography by JVLphoto Justin Van Leeuwen

I started the year taking commercial photography for Kettleman’s Bagel Co. Their new store, images of their staff at work, and even some food. The owner soon approached me with a really cool concept menu that he wanted to create. It was a highly visual in-store newspaper. Heavy on photography. LOVE. YES PLEASE. LET’S GO.


Un-Corporate Photography – MediaStyle

Corporate Commercial Photography by Justin Van Leeuwen - MediaStyle Ottawa

I’m hesitant to label the work I do for MediaStyle as “corporate photography” as their business has never seemed to follow a conventional corporate-commercial flow. Their own website says “We are a progressive public affairs agency. A Social Enterprise making Canada a better place.” And in the almost six years I’ve known and worked with Ian and his team, that’s exactly what they’ve done.


Portraits – Thirteen: A Social Enterprise

Parkdale Food Centre Thirteen by Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto

For the second year in a row I visited the Parkdale Food Centre to make portraits for a new batch of thirteen youths.

The “Thirteen” is a social enterprise for youth under the Parkdale Food Centre in Ottawa. The year-long project is an entrepreneurial training program for teens aged 14-18 with help and support by a team of mentors and other local entrepreneurs. The profits from their sales go toward their education. (Paraphrased from their website).