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Lubna Sadik: Socially Engaged

Lubna Sadik - Socially Engaged

It’s been a fortunate turn that many of my commissioned portrait work this year has been from and of Women. As a man, I never wanted to outright approach models and subjects, since I find this is a cliche in photography that can get a bit odd. ie; guys ask girls to model for them and it’s not always with the most innocent of intentions.

When a Woman asks me to be photographer there’s a level of flattery there that says “Hey, I’m comfortable with you and the images you produce.” Good – that’s the way I like it. And so we came to photograph the lovely Lubna Sadik with the idea to create comfortable at-home images of her that would also be professional as she begins her role as an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. It’s tricky working in someone’s home. A lovely house does not always mean it’s a great one for portraits, so it’s important to find your backgrounds, your light, and learn to work with them with all the tools at your disposal, and I think we were able to accomplish that in a short amount of time.

Thanks to Melody Iafelice for makeup, and David Ian Johnson on the assist. You can also see the lead image larger over on Flickr.

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