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Ottawa Portrait Photographer – Don’t forget family

Don't forget family

I don’t remember exactly when it happened. Around the same time I left my old desk job, started taking care of the kids full time, and transitioning into full time Photographer too.

The time at home started out pretty strong, actually, I was rocking a new composite family photo – an “extreme” family portrait – every few weeks. Then summer came, my youngest started to walk – doubling and even tripling his effective destructive range – and I stopped. To many hands needed for kids, not enough space to hold or even bring a camera.

Summer ends, kids go to daycare, work picks up, and then I’m shooting full time. It’s great, you understand, I’ve never been happier in my work, but it is work, and my own willingness to bring work home with me (and my wifes patience for me to have my camera around me THAT much). The gear gets left in the bag, I go from hundreds of family photos a month to several to none in some cases.

That’s a continuity problem. A lot of my professional work has resulted from my family work. A lot of my creativy can be explored at home when I’m less afraid of making mistakes than on a job. Not to mention the future, I’m documenting the development and aging of my family – so when I’m old I can look back on this and wonder how fast everyone grew up, how I miss their youth.

So I take the time to bring out my camera, take formal portraits, maybe a few more composites… it’s still not easy to remember to pull out the camera out for the more casual shots, but I have to force myself, it’s how I started, and I don’t want it to stop – saying it’s “hard” is just an excuse.

If you want, you can see each of these images larger over on Flickr.

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