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Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat
So Monday’s post along with this were from the Chinese Lantern Festival which Melanie and I attended Saturday night. There were FAR more people there than I thought, and I probably could have done without eating at Spring Rolls if I had known there was such an abundant food pavilion available at the Festival itself.

I think my favourite part about the evening were the people taking shots of these immensely lit lanterns with their point and shoots with full flash – granted Mel carried around my tripod for a few minutes longer than I should have asked – and in the end I took better shots with my 50mm f/1.4 than the wide tripod shots anyways. Live and learn kids
JVL’s Tips of the week
1. Don’t make your GF hold your tripod when you’re supposed to be having a romantic walk at night
2. Taking photos of lights doesn’t require long exposures (except to blur out the people who walk in front of your FOV)

One thought on “Dragon Boat

  1. christina says:

    The good thing about going with Aaron's parents on Saturday night is that his Dad insisted on carrying my tripod for the entire evening, and they treated us to dinner. Good times indeed!

    I think I do like your photo better then mine though. Looks sharp.