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Take a break

Take a break

On not taking photos in Paris and leaving the camera behind.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I decided to pull off a last minute trip to Paris (How bourgeoise, right?). And in the midst of fussing over what camera gear to take (tripod, no tripod) I came up with the answer that this is a vacation, and I wasn’t going to bring my camera.

Of course, for me, that just means I’m not going to take my SLR’s and all that goes along with them. What that is, is a heightened expectation of myself to produce worthwhile images. This would mean I’d force myself (and my wife) up and out at dawn, at sunset, patiently working a location and waiting for a perfect moment that, let’s face it, doesn’t always come.

Instead, I chose to spend the time with my wife, sleeping in and eating out. I did bring my iPhone and G11 (in case I truly wanted a manual exposure of something or a self-portrait), but those are very light and I still opted for the iPhone to take snapshots.

I totally freed myself from the burden of the big camera. I enjoyed the city as it was presented to me. I didn’t annoy my wife with half an hour wait on a bridge, in the rain, for that boat to pass by or just the right break in the clouds… We just went on a trip, and I really didn’t take any photos. Well, except a few. But the point is I was able to enjoy the city without stressing myself over taking the best photo, I took snapshots that, by no means, should ever end up in my portfolio, I had fun there, and when I took a photo it was just for that: fun. Isn’t that what got me into this in the first place?

So I’m sorry I don’t have amazing images from Paris, but there are more than a few to be found out there, taken by far more accomplished photographers than me, and who knows? Maybe this just served as a a scouting trip for when I go back 😉

If you really want to see some photos I *didn’t* take in Paris, I have a few up at G+

4 thoughts on “Take a break

  1. Christopher Dunn says:

    That's a nice scarf you got there 😉

  2. Mike says:

    Well played!

  3. faisal says:

    vacation with NO SLR? And you call yourself a photographer?! Pfft!!!

    p.s. RED!!!

  4. Greg says:

    Y'all is so quirky and dare I say "cute"? Yes, yes I dared say it. Glad you had a good time!