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Jen & Tyler

Jen & Tyler
I was very fortunate to be a part of Jennifer & Tyler’s wedding this past Saturday. Timing was an issue for us getting together – basically a tweet went out two weeks ago saying someone was looking for a wedding photographer – yours truly answered the call (…tweet).

I had one chance to meet with the couple, and really, even that was mostly Jen – they both travel quite a bit for work so I was seeing them 5 days before the wedding… which would also be the next time they saw each other!

It was a small, intimate gathering, so there won’t be too many shots for me to share here, but I do have another up on Flickr if you’re interested. For whatever reason I prefer the contrast a black and white treatment brings BOTH of these images… it’s coincidence, I assure you.

On a completely unrelated note, I now have a facebook page so if you’re on this thing, feel free to drop by and give me a “like” I swear I’ll get some content rolling there as soon as I get the hang of things.

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