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Kind of a Big Deal

Kind of a Big Deal
Work is good, indeed, it’s how I pay the bills. But it’s tricky to update the blog when the priority, clearly, should be on work (right?).

I have some great posts lined up for later this month, some wonderful collaborations that are resulting in some great new imagery. These projects have mostly been commercial in nature, so I won’t be able to show the images off until the client uses them. Don’t worry – you’ll see it all in time.

The above image was taken during lemien.ca’s 100 stranger project… I’m pretty sure only Dani was the stranger (camera right) but it didn’t matter; I had a fabulous time. I can’t way to see the photos from THIS collaboration just because there is no real desired output, no client, no rules, just a bunch of photographers having fun.

You can see the image bigger on Flickr.

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