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Ottawa Editorial Photography: Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal

In Print for Ottawa Woman - Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal

Dr. Haykal isn’t my doctor, but she was awesome to work with on her day off a few weeks ago on my latest editorial portrait for Ottawa Woman.

I went really simple with these portraits, I’ve been trying to get my location kit down to something very manageable, which forces me to be a bit more creative with how I use light in a scene. I also haven’t had a lot of time with my editorial subjects lately, some as short as 15 minutes. With that kind of time frame, if you’re stuck on your gear and setup, you don’t even have time to take a shot.

Working on deadline for a few projects, I ran out of time to do all my own edits, especially the front cover photo which runs large, so I outsourced the retouching of that one to Nick (who’s also a wicked photographer). You can check the lead image out over on Flickr and read the full article over at Ottawa Woman.

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