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Ottawa Editorial Portrait Photographer: Kristin Shannon for Ottawa Woman

In Print - Kristin Shannon for Ottawa Woman

My first work to go to print in the new year is an Ottawa Woman feature with Kristin Shannon, a pharmaceuticals sales rep, who also happens to be an accomplished fundraiser and outspoken advocate for woman’s mental health.

Essentially a traveling sales-woman, there weren’t a lot of location choices for our shoot. She works from home, out of the trunk of her car, and into doctors offices (which there was no way we’d be able to shoot in).

Obviously we picked the day of a blizzard to do the shoot too, not that I had a plan to work outside – the option would be nice – but this is Canada.

I did the entire shoot with just two Canon 600EX-RT speedlights, I spent the later half of last year remodeling my kit, upgrading, and helping to keep things simple. I’m pretty happy to be able to manually adjust power levels from the top of the camera now, it saves me a lot of time on-location, and potentially frustration/embarrassment when diving back into my softbox to make adjustments.

Kristin and I had fun on our shoot, we have a bit in common so it was far joy to just get to know someone new and interesting first, before I jammed a camera in their face. You can check out the whole issue of “Ottawa-Woman” online here and you can catch the header image larger over on Flickr.

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