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Stardom! What a fan-freakin-tastic last name. These guys were awesomesauce times a million. I showed up on time but Leo (the little guy) didn’t feel like wakin’ up – probably because he had a rough go of the party the night before – so that dude slept for, like, AN HOUR! No problem though, because […]

Quinn regarding the outdoors, eager to explore and share. Owen, fiddling and introverted. I think this family if finally rounding the bend. No major illnesses afflicting us, irritability and fighting are at an all time (this year) low – Owen’s having some trouble at school but he’s a pre-teen and if he wasn’t I’d be […]

This is stressful – have a good day everyone! (did Santa bring you cool camera gear? leave a comment.) If you’re interested in a quick batch of family photos you can see them here.