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This past weekend was Owen’s birthday so we went to “his” bowling alley. I’m not even sure if anyone other than him played – but it didn’t seem to matter – he would have enjoyed himself without us.

Instead of taking my time off to go outside, see the world, and take all those photos I complain about never taking, I spent all of yesterday watching the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings back-to-back. “I’d give anything for a whiff of old toby…”

Like I said yesterday, Mel wanted to shop. Retail therapy is very soothing for a woman (call me a misogynist? If I took you shopping, would you spend my money? That’s right, thought so, especially you, Barb.). I was also introduced to Simons for the first time, I’m sure anyone who’s even been near there […]

I need a face camera – something that takes pictures directly from my eyes. Yes, I understand that cameras currently work in this way, but what I mean is that Quinn (pictured) never looks at the camera the same way that he looks at my eyes, and it’s truly a difference that I will work […]