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Another crappy garage in the hood. I feel like it’s the Ottawa equivalent of a shanty town, I half expect to see corrugated metal sheets housing orphans and some Christian aid spokesperson asking me to put “starvin marvin” through school. Though usually I only see kids smoking pot and dog shit.

I’ve been taking pictures just fine lately – it’s sitting down and processing them that’s the trick. I’m often happy enough with the RAW image, but sometimes I almost NEED to enhance it in Photoshop, just do something y’know? Granted, I still lack the proper skills to get them exactly the way I want, but […]

Man, I can’t be bothered today – I carried my camera everywhere, and I didn’t shoot a damn thing – I was too focused on my tasks. I need a day of wandering. Come the weekend, Ottawa may have some of that in store for me. This shot is actually the opposite side of the […]