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Claudia Petrelli is a Colombian ex-pat who runs a swing-dance studio with her daughter, “Swing Dynamite“. We had known each other via twitter for some time, but never really got together until one of the more social drinking nights in my neighborhood. She had mentioned how much she liked the photos I had done with […]

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the warm glow good ol’ energy-wastin’ bulbs produce. Sure, I have LED’s – SOMEWHERE – but we ain’t using ’em. Nope. I also like to leave the lights on in rooms that I’m not in, as well as using the Refrigerator to cool the house down in the […]

I don’t know if people usually get presents for the Victoria Day weekend, but Mel and I did; Quinn’s home and resting on my chest as I type this. We’re having baby/daddy computer time.