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I love it when a plan comes together. I worked with Nadine early last year, hers was my first planned composite family portrait outside of my own kids. This paved the way for an even more planned out shoot when she approached me to re-launch her blog “Adorkable Undies” to keep focused on her work […]

Some more Rockalily love. Featured legs compliments of Audrey Hipturn. I’m going to be getting through these images VERY slowly – first – I had a few commercial clients come to the studio this day so their photos come first. Second, I’m busy as hell with some events coming up that I cannot ignore, an […]

Sorry about the overall softness of the image, my AF was obviously tracking due to that dirty mess on camera right. Me and a few like minded photographers rented a local studio on Sunday (Steak & BJ Day) to teach ourselves a bit about lighting an inside space, portraiture, and just sharing ideas and gear. […]