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Last night was an AWESOME wedding with Raissa (the Rza) and her lovely man-bride Adam. We set up a bit of a photobooth with some white seamless and 3 strobes and made a go at taking some fun picks with her and her guestsThey threw a wicked party, ran the whole show on time if […]

I had a bit of a terrible week at work – granted, from what I gather, pretty much everyone else did as well. If it wasn’t for people like Candace and Raissa (despite having their own tough times), keeping me sane, I probably wouldn’t have gotten out of bed.

Raissa’s been kind enough to attend an early morning meeting with me downtown today – I’ll be carefuly scrutinized under her watchful… vengeful, spiteful.. judging (EVER JUDGING!) eye.

Raissa got her doggy’s junk chopped off this week. So I hope you’re both doing well.