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The thought of acquiring more gear is always a positive one, after all, you can up your photographic hierarchy merely by making the purchase – no photographs need be taken. The gear-heads will praise you for what you have, no matter what, so if you appeal to those guys they’ll always compliment you in an […]

Me & Quinn giving y’all a once over. Things have been pretty hectic around here this week, so please excuse the dust and lack of posts. I haven’t had time to write anything let alone take pictures. Mel’s due… like, now… so we’re basically sitting here watching to see if her belly pops like a […]

In a narcissistic attempt at self-photography, Justin didn’t hear the his infant son pushing over the light-stand until it was far too late.

I’m really stir-crazy – there’s so much I want to do and I really haven’t been able to do a FRACTION of it in the past few weeks – I think I should have thought about that before I took on the responsibility for another human being. I want to see a movie, that’s in […]