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The latest issue of Our Homes Ottawa is out and again I get to snag the cover with a great custom renovation designed by Shiva Gupta of 7j Design. The great thing working as the interior photographer for this home is that it is a bungalow and everything was all laid out in front of […]

There’s still a a little leftover Ice on things here in Ottawa. Having to stay home, lest a baby suddenly burst forth from Mel’s womb, has afforded me a bit of reading time. Most of it (all of it) has been directly, or indirectly, related to the work of David duChemin, he’s a wonderful photographer […]

Ottawa was coated in a layer of ice. I could have gone out and taken shots a few days ago – but I didn’ wanna – it was cold and raining ice (I’m not stupid). Luckily today cleared up without losing the frosty charm of the past few days. In this shot you can see […]

Is it Christmas yet? I should probably take a slightly out of focus photo of a Christmas tree and it’s lights. It’s contrived and cliché but dammit, what isn’t this time of year!? On another note, it’s one of my favourite Humanitarian Photographers birthday today – go over to his blog and wish him a […]

Some frost on a bench early this past Saturday morning. To shoot macro you really have to be well disciplined. It’s not the sort of photography that favours the hand-held free spirited fellow tilting his camera over his head to see if he gets a cool shot. Focus is not something to take lightly, and […]

For some silly reason I woke up before sunrise to go out and take photos. My fingers are still numb – but you’ll probably, at least, get a few photos out of me over the next few days.

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going out in the morning with Younes to maybe take pictures of some frozen stuff. Damned if I know our motivation. Art? As a side note, another buddy of mine, Josh developed a pretty neat add-on for this website that now lets you scroll through my posts with the […]

Why close a park in the winter? I understand if you’re not going to maintain the paths and you’ll just “let snow fall” but is it dangerous? Should I close my front lawn too? What lives under the snow in Ottawa that we don’t know about?

There are MANY days that I don’t want to go much farther than my front door – in this case I did – by about a foot.

Mel’s been away for the week and, because of that, I’ve regressed into bachelor ways. I drink a bit every night, I’ve been smoking Cigars (Cohiba’s from Mel’s sister – SCANDAL!), and staying up late watching TV shows I haven’t had the chance to in a long time (What’s up with Gaeda being a punk […]

Oh, if only! It’s not spring yet, and Ottawa’s got a lot more snow to get itself buried under before we’re done (Yesterday’s a good example). P.S. this is a good thing, my goal is to take a nice photo of a big white snowflake before the season is done – I was just agoraphobic […]

Is it societal, as in “North American” to treat the roads better than we do the sidewalks? We plow them regularly, keep them salted, clean, safe. By doing so we are placing our priority on the automobiles that drive on the roadways, while burdening the people on their pathetic pedestrian walks. I know people who […]

My obligatory Nathan Phillips Square shot – every Toronto blogger’s gotta have at least one.

A much delayed post today – didn’t really have anything to post off my laptop, so I had to go on a roam to get a few shots. It was cold in Ottawa, but that didn’t stop me from a 3 hour hike, up into Hull (Quebec) and up the Ottawa River and back, safely […]