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Where in the world?

Where in the world?
It’s been a busy couple months around here, and while I’ve taken the time out to post some tutorials, there’s some stuff going on outside of this blog that I should link to.

First, the above image is of the lovely Desirae Odjick who came out sexy model retirement to be our subject for my latest Wescott University tutorial video. It’s short (5 minutes) so if you’re interested in off-camera lighting I think it’s worth the watch. We use Westcott’s new rapid-box, which I was immediately a fan of. It’s robust design means I may not break it as fast as some of the other light modifiers I own, and it’s super-portable so anyone can use it solo (even if I like using assistants).

Second, if you missed it (which was hard to do) I was featured on Flickr’s “Weekly Flickr” blog. They focus on my “Extreme Family” photos, and more specifically my interaction with my own family. It’s a pretty cool video and even cooler was that they flew me down to New York to film it.

Third, the kind folks over at Petapixel picked up our DIY “Ghetto Flo” light tutorial. There’s a few new photos on that post too since I’ve used them more since the original post.

Finally, I did some more photographic promo work for Ottawa’s Company of Fools. This is for their upcoming production of Hal & Falstaff, with a bit of a punk edge. It was a blast to work with the cast again and you can check some of those images out over on Flickr.

That’s it for now, but I should hopefully have a new review up over on Canonrumours.com before the end of the month – thanks for stopping by!

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