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Beechwood Villiage Photowalk

Beechwood Villiage Photowalk

Hey there! Perhaps you’ve heard of photowalk I’ll be leading in Beechwood Village this Saturday July 21st. (if not, you can read about it on Metro here, and watch a TV interview I sleepily assisted on here. (note: I really do bring the fun)

If you have heard about the photowalk good for you! Maybe you’re coming along or maybe you’d just like to go on one yourself. Having done a few of these over the years I thought I’d give y’all a top 5 list of things to do on a walk:

  • Do bring some essential non camera equipment: hat, sunscreen, good walking shoes, water. We’re out for about 2 hours, it’s summer and it’s probably sunny (if it’s raining, also dress accordingly).
  • Do pack light. My first mistake on my first walk was to bring a backpack loaded with all my lenses, and I never used them! It’s not a popularity contest based on who has the most toys – we’re out for a fun walk with other photographers. Backpacks are for hauling gear, shoulder bags are great for shooting out of. My favourite bag right now is my Retrospective 30 from Think Tank Photo, but even it’s kind of big for a casual walk.
  • Do get out of your comfort zone. Use a lens you haven’t used in a while (or ever) shoot only with your iPhone, only with your left hand, only with film. I chose a time of day that’s known to have harsh “bad” light. And for natural light portrait photographers, that may be true, but it also presents the opportunity for us to focus on form and contrasts, light and dark especially. Maybe this is a good time to pracice balancing your off-camera flash with the ambient sunlight for some cool mid-day portraits…of people you don’t know 😉
  • Do socialize. We’re not entering these photos to National Geographic, we’re not looking for a pulitzer. We’re a bunch of people who love community in Ottawa and have a passion for taking photographs. Talk to someone new, ask them about their camera (be willing to answer questions asked of you), this is about sharing, and hanging out more than competition and prizes… oh, but there is a competition you know?
  • Do not miss the afterparty. We’re going to grab some free eats at the The Kavanaugh Sales Centre (they are hosting this event after-all) no condo-purchase obligation (but appreciated, I’m sure), and maybe even the after-after party at the Clocktower down the street!
  • If you have a few more tips of your own, leave them in the comments. Then register for the walk!

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