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“Learn your Lights” Ottawa photographic lighting workshop for beginners


Chris – selfie

Q: How many lights did I use to take this portrait?
A: Just two, and you can learn how to do this simply and effectively too – even if you’ve never use a light before. Get over your fear of speedlights and strobes: sign up for my workshop taking place Sunday October 26th.

The Learn your lights workshop will help beginner and novice photographers interested in expand their camera flash lighting capabilities. We meet Friday night on the 25th from 7-9pm to get to know everyone’s current level and any specific interests in using camera flash in their work. You don’t have to own a flash to participate in this workshop, but familiarity with one is a plus. We’ll have a model/subject on-hand, so you won’t have to worry about posing in photos (if that’s a phobia of yours) and I truly believe in learning by doing, so everyone will have a chance to try their hand at something new.
BTS photo and final portrait

On Saturday we will have our one-day workshop starting at 10am. We will be covering:
Using the flash on-camera, where this works, and why you may want to change that up.
Simple, cheap, and effective methods of getting a speedlight off your camera, including wired triggers, ETTL-Cords, proprietary wireless triggering, and Pocket Wizard wireless radio transceivers.
Shaping our light: using umbrella’s, soft boxes and octa’s.
Multiple speedlight set-ups, using two, three, or even four lights to create a single image.
Moving to big lights: what are some of the options for studio strobes (which can be cheaper than some speedlights).
I look to be able to give each participant some one-on-one time to help them break out and create images that appeal and are useful to them and what they’re interested in. We’ll have a large variety of equipment to use hands-on, a gear-list with best places to buy them, as well as some great prizes from my sponsors:

I’m limiting the workshop to 8 participants to make sure everyone gets a chance to shoot and try their hand at something new.

2 thoughts on ““Learn your Lights” Ottawa photographic lighting workshop for beginners

  1. Luc says:

    Hey Chris, love the idea of this workshop. How much does it cost? I would be interested… I consider myself intermediate with lighting. If the workshop is already full, would you need an assistant ahead, during or after for setup / tear down?


    • Justin says:

      Hey Luc, Chris was the Subject (this is Justin, I’m putting on the workshop). It’s not full yet, and you can register via the link on this page to eventbrite. I’m all set for assistants and models though. Thanks!