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Boo Wah

Boo Wah
Another shot of Quinn – family pics don’t get a lot of play-time in the comments. Maybe y’all are being nice not to critique the photos of my kids but I assure you – they won’t take it personally 😉

Sorry about the site being down for the past week – for those of you subscribing via RSS you probably didn’t even notice since it’s like any other hiatus around here – my buddy’s server, on which jvlphoto.com is graciously hosted, had some sort of hardware anyeurism. All seems to be restored and in working order.

For this photo I took out an old favourite – the Canon 50mm f/1.4 – I’ve been playing with shallow depth of field a lot lately prepping for wedding season. Makes me really respect the photographers that can pull off the Canon 85 f/1.2 – the depth of field at that aperture is razor thin, and you’re likely to miss more shots than you’ll get. Of course, if done right, results can be pleasing.

5 thoughts on “Boo Wah

  1. angela ( jhscrapmom) says:

    i love kids shot with the 50…andthe 85. i can not get the 85 right at all…at 1.8, so i can not even imagine at 1.2.

    however;), this is awesome! and i am not just being nice…i think this is just a great capture of expression…and then throw in the D0F??? the eyes?? just great:).

  2. Okay, a confession time: I don't really like kids and kid photos are the most boring kind of photos I can think.

    But now that I'm here, I like the concept and the realization of this one. For a anti-kids person like me it seems really whiny and sort of annoying, which in a way makes it actually pretty good. Cause that is how I see most of the kids. Talk about stereotypes, huh? 😀

  3. Calusarus says:

    Not really happy to be on this shot 🙂
    Nice DoF

  4. Charles A-M says:

    So, did you see your son crying and think it would make a good photo, or did your taking the photo cause him to cry?

  5. minimodi says:

    the expression and dof makes for a great shot!