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MetamorFaces – Carolyn

MetamorFaces - Carolyn
Another photo from the shoot with art by MetamorFaces May Mazor.

The model, this time Carolyn, wanted to give her boyfriend a special gift (he’s a football fan, He likes the… Tigers… I fail at sports). I’m pretty sure he’ll be pleased with the gift – I don’t know a lot of guys who’d turn down this kind of pu… kitty cat.

If you missed the update from Monday, there’s a timelapse video available of the whole shoot, and if you did see it, well, Carolyn is the one you got to see the most of!

The girls were a blast to shoot. So trusting and fun to work with, they’re not professional models, but really, I think they did an outstanding job in front of the lens! I’ll likely post a few more pics over the next few days on my Flickr page too. Setup below:

One thought on “MetamorFaces – Carolyn

  1. margaret says:

    LOVE the timelapse. Those artists are incredible.