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Long delay from my last post, appologies, I wanted y’all to soak that one in. Prices on the canvases will go up on the 25th, they’ll have to, the event is gonna cost me some $$… so if you’re in town you might as well show up to it too.

Despite jonesing to take some serious photos this weekend, I held off, only to snap a few of a more personal nature, which are always great, I mean, I love taking photos of my kids; they’re cute as hell. But something inside me really wants to CREATE an image, it’s what I know I want to do. I get made fun a bit by my friends and family “how long will it take you to set up” stuff like that… but it’s the KIND of image that’s in my head I need to create, and that usually takes a bit of time, thought and equipment. Not saying I need more equipment (you reading this Mel!?) I’m just saying I need to get it outside, in the right spot, at the right time of day, set it up, test it, shift it, and do it again.

Ironically my paying clients are far more in-tune to this process, which I am VERY thankful for. Tomorrow will be one of those days. A corporate headshot of the Adenyo executive team. Some might view this as tired or stale, but not me – to me these are the shots I WANT to take. 10 minutes per person, pumping them out but trying to create something unique and quality within a restricted timeframe? That shit’s part of the game that I LOVE. Hopefully I’ll get to share some of the results too.

3 thoughts on “Noms

  1. Ray K says:

    I know exactly how you feel about needing to create something and how it feels doing that type of corporate work, I too love it.

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