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Ottawa Portrait Photographer: Fighting with Water

Fighting with Water

My weekend involved assignments that both involved water. The first one intentionally, a waterfight between two “competing” neighbourhoods Carlingwood and Hintonburg. Having seen it done in more extreme sports, I wanted to capture a before image of the combatants, calm, confident, with all their ammunition locked and loaded, then follow up with an after, wet, defeated (or victorious) missing a few water balloons etc. Sadly I was only able to snag a few people as everyone seemed to flee to dryer, sunnier areas. Oh well, Grady here nailed it.

The following assignment was SUPPOSED to be stilt walkers and fire-dancers down by Ottawa’s rapids for the International stone-stacking competition… “Sunset and fire-dancers!” I thought? Hell yes! I loaded up my lights, a octa, a heavy duty light-stand and trucked my butt down to the river despite thunderstorm warnings. Sadly, when I got there, it had looked like it was cancelled (no signs, no online communication… just nothing), so I hung out and snapped some photos of the people there, though not what I wanted, it’s a different kind of good.

Sometimes your plans don’t deal out what you had envisioned, but it’s still our job to get the shot, or a shot, in the end. You’ll be able to see other images from this series in this weeks Kitchissippi Times, that is, of course, if you live in Ottawa.

3 thoughts on “Ottawa Portrait Photographer: Fighting with Water

  1. Anna Epp says:

    Lovely Justin, I do love the rainbow below, with the family all huddled together, perfect.

  2. faisal says:

    aha! so this is why you were raving about that huge bazooka. nice ! 200mm = yummy!

  3. DaniGirl says:

    Aww, did you make contact with that family? I hope they get a version of that print!