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Quinn regarding the outdoors, eager to explore and share. Owen, fiddling and introverted.

I think this family if finally rounding the bend. No major illnesses afflicting us, irritability and fighting are at an all time (this year) low – Owen’s having some trouble at school but he’s a pre-teen and if he wasn’t I’d be worried.

I picked up my SLR for the first time in, what seems like, a month. Took a few shots – this not being one of them – that I don’t really care if they turned out or not. The point was that I picked it up, felt that shutter-release and pointed it at something. That something was Alex and it made me realize how FEW photos I have of him right now. Especially if you compare how many I had of Quinn by the same time.

Of course things are different, Quinn was in hospital much longer (captive subject), and Alex was much sicker.

So you might as well expect a lot of family photos on here in the next few weeks; I’ve got lost time to make up.

2 thoughts on “Regard

  1. Calusarus says:

    A tender family shot

  2. I love the light falling on the pillows.