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I really wanted to take a picture I was happy with. I went to great lengths. Tried listing everything I’d need, lighting setup etc. And when it came down to it? Fail. Epic Fail.

I think the best of my photos come when I’m inspired and, for whatever reason, I can’t really inspire myself. I sometimes lack that “finished product” type of creativity that really lets me see something through creatively. A few times I nail it – but really that’s as much a matter of luck as anything else (prospective clients please ignore this paragraph).

And really what it came down to the right elements weren’t there for what I had planned, but I hadn’t planned on how to compromise in this personal situation (unlike so many times when I’m shooting for clients or just having fun). So I planned it out, forced a shoot, and all I got was a few cute, but uninspired shots of the kids. I’ll do better next time. Not for you tough – this I need to accomplish myself.

One thought on “Snazzy

  1. I think one of the really important hurdles that any artsy person needs to overcome is the old "I need to be inspired" trope. Inspiration is what gets us into our craft but what makes a person a master of that craft is an ability to get to work and create good stuff. As you suggest that will come with time and effort.