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Spicey Italian

Spicey Italian
What is it about Italian girls that make them so hot? The Italians in my neighbourhood seem to have had a bit too much pasta, but when they’re young… sheesh, don’t get me started.

One thought on “Spicey Italian

  1. JealousGirlfriend77 says:

    This shot is great – it has a really commercial feel to it, like it could be used as advertising for Starbucks or Taster's Choice coffee or something.
    I suppose, since the photo pleases me, I can let go of the irksome fact that it was taken in what used to be Albert Britnell, the oldest bookstore in Toronto, that was brutally sold and remolded into a coffee shop.
    I will not, however, forget the comment about hot Italian girls. The next time I catch you looking thoughtfully at an Italian girl in the supermarket, there is going to be some cock-punching going on.