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With us firmly into the holiday season, a lot of my corporate clients have shut-down for the holidays and editorial photography is mostly due out in the new year. It’s an interesting lull, where I find myself with time I didn’t have before. Obviously the end of the year provides us with a time to […]

It’s a rare treat that Mel actually lets me take her photo. I’ve broken the rules of privacy and sharing far too much in my household to brave “sneaking” one in again. Thankfully I told her my idea beforehand, and her overwhelming love of Christmas, and the Christmas lights that I bought her obviously took […]

This is stressful – have a good day everyone! (did Santa bring you cool camera gear? leave a comment.) If you’re interested in a quick batch of family photos you can see them here.

Damn, I’m archive digging already – I had such a great stream of consciousness there for a while. Going out, taking photos of things I normally wouldn’t challenging myself to please Brad and his insatiable desire to see my photos sharp and in focus (it’s really quite helpful so thank you). These past two weeks […]

Quinn’s first Christmas, my second in Ottawa, and the first in our new house. This is his first ornament. There’s something about Christmas time that makes me want to process HDR images, it’s probably the surreal nature of the whole time – I mean really – who goes through all this trouble EVERY freakin year? […]

WAIT! I have something for Christmas – though this idea is blatantly stolen borrowed from Wasted Photos and Detour, basically because I wanted to feel included…So really you should just see their pics because they’re much better than mine. Peace and love, and expect some MACRO shots very soon because Mel Quinn got me the […]

Flair; some have it some don’t. Compared to this my house looks like a cardboard box stacked up against the Sagrada Família.

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the warm glow good ol’ energy-wastin’ bulbs produce. Sure, I have LED’s – SOMEWHERE – but we ain’t using ’em. Nope. I also like to leave the lights on in rooms that I’m not in, as well as using the Refrigerator to cool the house down in the […]

Happy New Year!

It’s hard to go home after a week with your partner – not a lot of people have to do this – many relationships evolve in constant close contact. But when you have to leave more than you get to stay, it become harder as your relationship becomes more solidified, as you and your partner […]