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Sometimes I sit at my computer desk (now a proper desk, not inset in a bookshelf), and consider what to write, other times, I just steal what Attila wrote and write that. My iPod died a few weeks ago, and it’s a pretty sad commute without one – but Apple did just announce their new-fangled […]

I never went to church as a kid (or as an adult I should add). Not to say I’ve never been in one, funerals, weddings, cubs & scouts, but really, they only appeal to me aesthetically.Being firmly Agnostic a church doesn’t represent the same things it does to many others. To some I’m sure it’s […]

Hung out briefly with the man from Philly outside of Philly this past weekend, Brad from Wasted Photos, along with Attila, Jonathan Greenwald, Aaron, and Xtina. It was basically a big photo blogger gang-bang where we went around pillaging downtown Toronto with our shutters, apertures, and Canon L-lenses.

During my entire trip in Iceland I was obsessed with the Unkle track “Lonely Soul”. It could have been because I took this trip solo, or because I can be quite morose. But it’s probably the last thing I listened to before I left for two weeks, abandoning my iPod at home. UNKLE – Lonely […]