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Sommerset Church

Sommerset Church
Sometimes I sit at my computer desk (now a proper desk, not inset in a bookshelf), and consider what to write, other times, I just steal what Attila wrote and write that.

My iPod died a few weeks ago, and it’s a pretty sad commute without one – but Apple did just announce their new-fangled touch screen iPod’s – which means waiting through all the recent incarnations will pay off in sweet-sweetness. I just wish $400 spent 6 years ago didn’t turn into $0 today.
That’s shite diminishing returns.

One thought on “Sommerset Church

  1. schmee says:

    i dunno about that… $400 over 6 years works out to less than 20c/day. that's not a high price to pay to take all your music with you in a convenient little box is it?