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One of my favourite photos from Raissa’s Wedding. Adam’s (the Groom’s) niece was bobbing around, obviously bored with all the adult festivities; taking advantage of this, I decided to delegate some of my own tasks to someone with, hopefully, a unique perspective. I handed Eden my favourite lil camera that could (the Panasonic LX3) and […]

As an agreement of sale on our new house, the front yard perennials were not included as chattel with purchase. So a few weeks ago the previous owners came and dug out all of the perennials – that’s right – everything that was in the yard. So we had a big ugly maple tree, some […]

Mel said I should print this one out for the girls mother, which I will, but I think I’ll get her to hand it to the lady. The scenario: “Hi, I was taking pictures of your pretty little girl here – don’t believe me? Here’s printed proof!”Lady – “KICK PUNCH!” Nuff said.

Don’t you hate it when you go out and someone is wearing the same outfit as you? It’s worse when they look better wearing it too!

Winter is tha DREGS. Not only is winter in the city uninspiring for any photos I might chance to take, but it’s prohibitive as well. I go to work it’s dark.I leave work it’s dark. That means I have to either take photos from my desk, or bring the tripod out and shoot poles on […]