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Ghetto-Flo Intro I was introduced to the “Ghetto-Flo” lights after reading the excellent blog of New York-based photographer Brad Trent. He had mounted 4 standard workshop flourescent light fixtures into light-stand mountable strip lights. “Ghetto-Flo” because they’re similar in use to the much more expensive Kino-Flo lights, though there are advantages to the later (variable […]

I have some editorial portrait photography stuff in the works, but while I wait on that to go to print I have another review out on Canonrumors.com. This one’s for the flashes, and if you know me, you know I *love* to flash people… ahem.

The only thing better than return clients are ones who make you feel like part of the family. Lee and I hadn’t been back to see the Cole’s in a year, but that didn’t stop them from welcoming us into their home treating us like a member of the family (maybe that’s just because they […]

It’s a rare treat that Mel actually lets me take her photo. I’ve broken the rules of privacy and sharing far too much in my household to brave “sneaking” one in again. Thankfully I told her my idea beforehand, and her overwhelming love of Christmas, and the Christmas lights that I bought her obviously took […]

Me & Quinn giving y’all a once over. Things have been pretty hectic around here this week, so please excuse the dust and lack of posts. I haven’t had time to write anything let alone take pictures. Mel’s due… like, now… so we’re basically sitting here watching to see if her belly pops like a […]

Call me old-fashioned, but I still like the warm glow good ol’ energy-wastin’ bulbs produce. Sure, I have LED’s – SOMEWHERE – but we ain’t using ’em. Nope. I also like to leave the lights on in rooms that I’m not in, as well as using the Refrigerator to cool the house down in the […]

I haven’t really been outside during the light in a few weeks now, the days are slowly starting to change and it’s “prime time” for me at work – early morning and late nights have me wandering with my tripod in sling – but I’m just too tired to bother to set anything up. I […]