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Portrait of Lindsay for the Canon 600EX-RT review

Portrait of Lindsay - for the Canon 600EX-RT review

I have some editorial portrait photography stuff in the works, but while I wait on that to go to print I have another review out on Canonrumors.com. This one’s for the flashes, and if you know me, you know I *love* to flash people… ahem.

Using flashes can be daunting to a lot of people, but I love creating and shaping my light, it’s a technical learning curve that I haven’t shied away from, in fact, I think it’s largely contributed to me finding my current style. Creating contrast and colours where normally there is none, making my subjects stand out of their surroundings, or just being able to work in conditions anyone without their own lights wouldn’t be able to.

Lindsay was a great sport for this shoot, not to mention we had a few other people drop by that day. Makeup was by the excellent Natalie Peachy, this wasn’t a high-end conceptual shoot, so she didn’t get to go all wild with her makeup skills – someday maybe.

We also video-taped this shoot, showing what I used to make the images, gear, technique… hopefully it turns out really well, I hope to show that off in a few weeks here. Extra special-thanks to Ottawa’s MediaStyle for letting us invade their work-space for the day. They’re adding on another floor soon so hopefully I won’t be so-very in their face next time.

You can check out the image of Lindsay larger, with lighting info, over on Flickr.

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