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Persistence is key, in everything you do. I don’t know why I keep having to re-learn this lesson. Anything you want, you can probably get, if you persist at it. It might take hard work, it might take a lot of hustle, but if you’re willing to do more than the other guy, do it […]

Walking West on Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON I read on

Another from the night out with Urban Nation… this one’s just looking the other way.

I “get” snowblowers. Snow is heavy and sucks to shovel and snowblowers deal with it efficiently and effectively. It’s leaf-blowers that I am at odds with – they just blow the leaves somewhere else, just as easily as the wind, in fact they are wind – gas powered wind – which I think is kinda […]

My obligatory Nathan Phillips Square shot – every Toronto blogger’s gotta have at least one.

Coffee Time is the Canadian equivalent of Dunkin’ Donuts – kinda crap coffee, large, but a bit too fried donuts. Though I will give them credit on this; their apple fritters still have real apples in them.