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Baby Come Back

Baby Come Back
I “get” snowblowers. Snow is heavy and sucks to shovel and snowblowers deal with it efficiently and effectively. It’s leaf-blowers that I am at odds with – they just blow the leaves somewhere else, just as easily as the wind, in fact they are wind – gas powered wind – which I think is kinda dumb.

I mentioned yesterday that I’d try to take photos again today during the day, which, if you count me carrying my camera around with me to work, counts, than I did. In reality though, I did not take a single image today, and am unlikely to do so this weekend because I’m prepping for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation’s Telethon of Hope. Keep in mind if you hit the link, that I did not come up with the tagline “Hope worth Watching” and that I too, could easily type an “it’s” in there somewhere.

I’ll say it now – you don’t have to watch – but if you live in Ottawa, and you give a shit about cancer care in this region, then you do have to donate.

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