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Spring is in the air here in Ottawa. Which is basically the familiar musk of rotting leaves and the leftovers of many a dog-walker from the winter, I swear, it’s worse than Paris in my Hintonburg neighbourhood. That said, I don’t think Winter is quite done yet, there’s always some sort of snowfall come April. […]

The snow got us, the cold got us, whatever it’s been – everyone in my house has been sick. So I offer to you, not as a reason, but a bona-fide excuse, for not posting a blog post, or much on flickr either (which is where I often post images if I don’t have much […]

Erin & Will – congratulations on gettin’ murried. I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Erin & Will’s wedding this weekend. Despite all location scouting going to shit (it rained… then snowed!) I had planned some indoor contingencies and packed some big lights to take good portraits. This one, though, was a bit simpler. I […]

This week I received the lovely Lensmate Adapter for the Canon G11. This is a must-have accessory for anyone with the G10,11, or Panasonic LX3 (I wish I had this back when I had one). The Lensmate is beautifully crafted with machined aluminum and black to match the exterior of the camera. It is primarily […]

For some silly reason I woke up before sunrise to go out and take photos. My fingers are still numb – but you’ll probably, at least, get a few photos out of me over the next few days.

Don’t ask me why, but I’m going out in the morning with Younes to maybe take pictures of some frozen stuff. Damned if I know our motivation. Art? As a side note, another buddy of mine, Josh developed a pretty neat add-on for this website that now lets you scroll through my posts with the […]

What’s in a name? Or furthermore, a title? There’s been a lot of chatter over this at PixelatedImage and the need to dispel these meanings we attribute to words, titles, and even appearances that just aren’t true. When I walk around with my main camera, the 1DMKII, I get a lot of stares and a […]

Okay – I’m defeated – even WITH GUIDE LINES I can’t take a straight picture. I have a bubble level and plan on using it from now on… I’m sorry. One shot with my Panasonic LX3, single image processed in HDRMax with some blending in PS and lots of little layers on top.

This is no ‘clever’ angle, this waggon is submerged in snow. Now if it was a “shagin” waggon, you’ll have to be pretty motivated to dig it out… and I suppose you would be… so yeah, you would.

I owned a flannel shirt once, got it in Grade 9 – right about the time I bought Nevermind and Ten. I didn’t have it for long though, I was invited to a New Years Eve party and left it there – never got it back. Beyond that, the grungiest I ever got was the […]

Mel’s been away for the week and, because of that, I’ve regressed into bachelor ways. I drink a bit every night, I’ve been smoking Cigars (Cohiba’s from Mel’s sister – SCANDAL!), and staying up late watching TV shows I haven’t had the chance to in a long time (What’s up with Gaeda being a punk […]

Oh, if only! It’s not spring yet, and Ottawa’s got a lot more snow to get itself buried under before we’re done (Yesterday’s a good example). P.S. this is a good thing, my goal is to take a nice photo of a big white snowflake before the season is done – I was just agoraphobic […]

I thought today would be the perfect day for me to go out and try and take some snowy-snowflake photos! WRONG! I can’t shoot for shit – it was just this side of too dark in Ottawa so, though I pumped my ISO, I started to drop my aperture creating too shallow a dof for […]

I “get” snowblowers. Snow is heavy and sucks to shovel and snowblowers deal with it efficiently and effectively. It’s leaf-blowers that I am at odds with – they just blow the leaves somewhere else, just as easily as the wind, in fact they are wind – gas powered wind – which I think is kinda […]

I’m trying to get a few more winter images into my portfolio, so I figured that there was supposed to be snow today – I’ll take my camera out. Probably about 20 minutes into my walk to work I was thoroughly douched with snow and wasn’t so much interested in taking blury white-out photos as […]

There’s a transit strike on in Ottawa right now, and while it doesn’t affect me directly (I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to work) it certainly has had it’s impact on the city. Commerce is down, people aren’t shopping at the mall, and the roads are congested all day. I actually walked by […]

I decided to take the DSLR out with me today. I have an overbearing jacket that doesn’t go well with a pro-sized digital camera. Lately I’ve been coveting the LX3 just as a means of getting great shots without the weight restrictions (not to mention the screaming absurdity of “HEY I’M TAKING A PICTURE HERE!”) […]

As a Canadian I feel that it is currently my duty to comment on the weather: Freezing, Snow, More Snow, LOTS OF SNOW, Rain and warmth – what the fuck’s up with that? As Brad’s been saying “Mother Nature, you bitch.”

Every time we stop at the The Log Cabin Restaurant I end up hopping off of the bus (if there’s light out) and snapping a few pictures in and around the parking lot.There’s really nowhere else to go around here, and if I venture too far I risk my bus taking off without me – […]

Another thing I’m not good at.

Is it societal, as in “North American” to treat the roads better than we do the sidewalks? We plow them regularly, keep them salted, clean, safe. By doing so we are placing our priority on the automobiles that drive on the roadways, while burdening the people on their pathetic pedestrian walks. I know people who […]

Okay, so I had to make an emergency trip to Ottawa last Friday night; snow storm across Ontario. Came back last night to a snow storm in Toronto.My commute has extended to about 8 hours door to door. Yippee!

The house itself was kinda “sketch” but this doorway – I don’t know where it lead – it was dark and smelly, so maybe to my bed room… Or my pants!