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Gladstone Plough

Gladstone Plough
I’m trying to get a few more winter images into my portfolio, so I figured that there was supposed to be snow today – I’ll take my camera out.

Probably about 20 minutes into my walk to work I was thoroughly douched with snow and wasn’t so much interested in taking blury white-out photos as I was in getting indoors.

Brilliant me didn’t have the balls to take out his camera until the walk home – WHEN IT’S FREAKING DARK OUT.

So it was a not-so-smart day, but tomorrow’s another, with a lot more snow on the way.

Also, probably my favourite “snow” photos this year (that I’ve seen) have come from a guy with a really cool first name.

One thought on “Gladstone Plough

  1. MARK says:

    Wonderful image!

    This is one of the coolest motion shots I have ever seen. The shape maintains it's form but the light and movement flow around it creating such a dynamic image and drawing your eye right in.

    Marvelous job!