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Highway Seven

Highway Seven
Every time we stop at the The Log Cabin Restaurant I end up hopping off of the bus (if there’s light out) and snapping a few pictures in and around the parking lot.
There’s really nowhere else to go around here, and if I venture too far I risk my bus taking off without me – half-way between Tweed & Kaladar is not where I want to spend the night.

3 thoughts on “Highway Seven

  1. Sterling-Edward says:

    The positioning of the camera couldn't have been place in a better place. I loved the way the highway is just barely visible and the clouds off in the distance, its all that's needed to give the picture nothing left to desire. However I have just one question. Was this photoshopped?

  2. greg says:

    Beautiful shot.

  3. kathleen says:

    i hate that people keep wishing away winter, i suppose i am lucky because i have a garage and no driveway to shovel, but im not looking forward to the thick, sluggish heat of the summer

    i like the snow, i like the cold, i love the photos that accentuate the beauty of winter this is a nice shot, makes me smile