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Actually, this was take one, but the previous image was the first to go to press – so I showed it first. Michael seems to be a natural model, along as a highly skilled athlete, he had no problem shooting off his own “blue steel” and rocking this shot. I would have loved to have […]

This portrait session came up fast. Got a DM the night before via Twitter with Don at the Cube asking me “HOW” to take a good photo of John Koensgen, who is working on a play due out in October. I asked him what he was shooting with, told me an old Olympus point & […]

People are so patriotic sometimes. There’s another dude who bombs around Ottawa on his scooter decked out with Sens stickers, flags, logos – he even wears Senators branded sneakers. All I can hope for, when aged and speeding on a scooter, is a “Thinsite 4 Life” bumper sticker which, hopefully, Brad will also have one […]

How many of you forget that there are awesome buildings in your city? I mean, they’re likely the ones with the tourists around them (Grade 8 grads travel from across Ontario and Quebec to visit Ottawa or, as was my case, Quebec City). But these are legit photo opportunities – if not clichéd, they can […]

I would like to thank my Mom, for shovelling my walk while I was in Ottawa and William for being the best residential real-estate agent/friend I’ve ever had! I can only imagine the favours I will have to do him now…

Every time we stop at the The Log Cabin Restaurant I end up hopping off of the bus (if there’s light out) and snapping a few pictures in and around the parking lot.There’s really nowhere else to go around here, and if I venture too far I risk my bus taking off without me – […]