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The Hill

The Hill
How many of you forget that there are awesome buildings in your city? I mean, they’re likely the ones with the tourists around them (Grade 8 grads travel from across Ontario and Quebec to visit Ottawa or, as was my case, Quebec City). But these are legit photo opportunities – if not clichéd, they can be striking.

Beware though, some places will try and restrict your photography, I read about it all the time – click the link and check out a story from very close to home. It’s too bad, because I’m actually nervous carrying around my tripod now, I feel that, setting it up, is almost an act of futility because it will draw attention – apparently so does standing on the sidewalk per the mentioned post. It’s an interesting enough story for anyone interested in personal liberties,and curious if it can happen in Canada.

Can and does.

One thought on “The Hill

  1. Joe says:

    I still use my tripod in public albeit not very often. Like you said just taking photos in public can make people nervous. Once some skater stopped me because he thought I was taking his photo without his permission.