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What an interesting week! First, I suppose I’d like to welcome all you new visitors from the interview I did with Petapixel this week (thanks Michael!). I don’t post on this blog as often as I should, and probably only half as much as I’d like, but if you subscribe you won’t have to worry […]

I have been completely and photographically negligent this past week. Maybe I’ve been actually paying attention to things that pay the bills (rather than create them), but I haven’t taken out the SLR… and while I’ve been carrying the LX3 around with me, producing only a few grab shots here and there. Though I should […]

Straight to the bar – easy directions.

As an agreement of sale on our new house, the front yard perennials were not included as chattel with purchase. So a few weeks ago the previous owners came and dug out all of the perennials – that’s right – everything that was in the yard. So we had a big ugly maple tree, some […]

Don’t you hate it when you go out and someone is wearing the same outfit as you? It’s worse when they look better wearing it too!