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Waiting to shoot

Waiting to shoot
This is from the shoot I was at last Sunday, Faith asked me to come by as a sort of learning “backup” photographer to their principle.
I stood and took shots of whatever came my way, which tended to be Faith for the most part.
This is fortunate because by the time all the other girls from Fidget got their makeup done and the group photo taken, Faith didn’t have much time left for her own portraits.

I hope I was able to hook a sister up.

3 thoughts on “Waiting to shoot

  1. Brad says:

    I like this a good bit… nice colors and and composition … that said, something feels off to me. i suspect my internal-leveling meter which detects even the slightest bit of tilt is barking about that back window.

    I still dig it a lot though. Good work.

  2. April says:

    Fantastic feel to this photograph. Really love it!

  3. faith says:

    you did… you did help a sistah out! thank you!!! this looks like love in a PB&J