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Ottawa Commercial Portrait Photographer – MediaStyle 2013

MediaStyle 2013

One of my best clients, Ottawa’s boutique media-management firm MediaStyle have been incredible clients and creative partners with me for the past two years. Last year, I came in and produced which were (and still are) some of my favourite business portraits for the team. While I certainly know how to re-create the images, it becomes a bit of a chore when you’re a hot startup with a constantly expanding and changing talent pool. It was just too expensive to come in every time they had a new staff member join and set up all the equipment for a single profile pic.

Something they also needed was some web content, more than just smiley twitter or LinkedIn Profile photo, but some “at work” themed photos that create a bit of customized stock imagery for them to use on blog posts, about pages, and other potential publications (not limited to coverage in fancy magazines). So we decided to have me come in during a regular work day, shoot them at work, then finish up with a one-man portrait setup, simple enough to pop in and replicate… which I already have to do since there’s someone new already working there (see you tomorrow guys!).

It’s always a pleasure working with other creatives, they hire you (me) because my skill-set is something they want, but also give me the freedom to create images as I choose, since they know the better product that can come from some creative freedom. I like the new profile images, they’re quite different from the hard look I shot last year, and hopefully give their team a bit of a more approachable online presence.

You can see a few of these bigger over on flickr.

2 thoughts on “Ottawa Commercial Portrait Photographer – MediaStyle 2013

  1. Anna says:

    These may be my favorite portraits yet Justin! Great job, love them all!!

  2. DaniGirl says:

    Okay, wait, Justin is using short DOF? Too much time spent chatting with Angela or what? (Love these a lot! Very clean and crisp and full of personality.)