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A Royal Kitchen: Kitchen Design Photography for Astro Design Centre

For their 20th anniversary, Astro Design wanted to do something special for the community, donating materials and kitchen design to the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre. Astro also leveraged their many suppliers to donate to the cause, I was happy to donate my own services in photographing this project.


Tiny Houses: Editorial Photography for Ottawa Magazine

Tiny Home by Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto for Ottawa Magazine

For the past year Ottawa Magazine has had me document the recent development of tiny houses across the region. It was a unique experience to get into the lives of people wishing to downsize their lives, and their homes. Editorial Photography is always full of challenges and surprises and this assignment was no different, with one project under construction I had to revisit it earlier this year to see the progress. Seeing the finished product from a small builder’s point of view also allowed me to see the different options available for those who want to buy-into the TinyLife™

Ottawa Photographer Portraits

Portrait by Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphotography

I’ve always been a photographer whose style reflects his client’s needs. While I certainly put my own creative and technical spin on everything I do, it’s rare that I take the time to create images that are reflective of what I’m purely interested in. So, despite the popularity and praise I receive for my interior and architectural photography, I chose to focus on people. I love working with people, the complexity of photographing human subjects is not so much a technical feat (as it can be with kitchens), but an emotional one. Tasked with making a connection and, hopefully, producing good images in what always feels like too-short-a-time. That said, I made it a bit easier on myself by working with some of the kindest people I know, and those who maybe don’t spend too much time in front of the camera either, as they’re all photographers themselves.

Commercial Interior Photography for Parallel 45

Epocal by Parallel 45 - Commercial Interior Photography by JVLphoto

The architecture and interior I work for many of Ottawa’s home-builders often gets all the attention, but commercial interior design – offices and work-spaces – is just as important a part of our daily lives. I’ve worked with the women of Parallel 45 for a number of years now, watching their firm grow and even re-brand. This year had some of their best work yet; a variety of projects from dentists, to doctors, and more.


Ottawa Headshot Photographer – People & Portraits

Ottawa Portrait Photographer Justin Van Leeuwen JVLphoto
Portraits and Headshots have long been one of my favourite parts of photography. I enjoy the challenges of taking photos of people on-location and trying to work through someone’s own potential inhibitions in having their photo taken. I try create a portrait that represents them as a person, but also is useful to them in a professional capacity.