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Ottawa Interior Photography – Caseware

Interiors - Caseware by Turnbull Design Consultants Ltd.

Some of my interior photography clients aren’t builders, but designers. Not to take away from them, designers are involved from the ground up, before the ground is even there. Layout, materials, aesthetics flow, they pick materials and colours and accessories. A good sense of design will end up photographing itself, in a way, they’ve accounted for light, shape, colour, even fixtures; details truly matter here.

Turnbull Design has brought me in to cover a few of their jobs in the past, but not one quite as large, or so dramatic a space. This is a case where the designers really took charge, this whole place is put together with their input and the results speak for themselves. If I had to work in a cubicle, this might be one of the better spaces in Ottawa to do it.

One thought on “Ottawa Interior Photography – Caseware

  1. amanda says:

    love all the colours and how airy it looks!