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Many of you know me as an International superstar photographer, though those of you who have known me the longest are privy to the gentler, less glamourous role that I play. Tuesday marked a new start for me and Mel, of sorts. She’s gone back to work after 3 years off raising our kids (and, in part, gestating them), and I’m staying home to hone their minds into efficient killing machines.

Of course, this means I now have two jobs, and I will combine them as I see fit. While the winter months tend to be a bit slower for me I’ll take advantage of my accumulated equipment and keep my photography sharp-like-tack.

If I may, I’ll also take this opportunity to plug my photographic services here in Ottawa. Portraits are, obviously, a passion of mine, and this could be a great time to do a photo of the family in their new Christmas presents (unless all you got was underwear… well maybe even then).

If you are someone who could potentially need this kind of work, or know someone who does, in or around Ottawa, get in touch and we can discuss your project, while I take a break from my monsters kids.


7 thoughts on “SAHD

  1. Chris Plante says:

    Well, you won't run dry of any subject matter with those little ones running around. Kids are sooo fun to photograph.

  2. Scary how similar your kids' rooms are to the rooms of my own children…Books, Cars cars, Lego trucks, and Thomas the Tank Engine…

  3. k allan says:

    Great to hear! Family time is the best

  4. Are you watching the kids or playing with your camera? i'll have to call Social Services, that kid in the dresser is about to fall….LOL this picture is awesome and I'll hire you to take some of my kids like this if I'd lived near you. Would you come to Michigan?

  5. faisal says:

    "Daddy will you please stop playing with our toys now?!!!"

    So cool!

  6. Yes, international superstar. Known even in Finland… Where ever it is.

  7. HollyStar says:

    Awesome! Love this room, love this photo, love your boys. The toddler on the dresser is a nice touch.