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I spent some time this week making arrangements and booking a lot of last minute portrait sessions and weddings, all of them based on referrals. It’s a great feeling to receive praise from your peers – praise coming in the form of recommendations: I can’t think of a better way to compliment a photographer than […]

Recently I took a trip down to a local provider of fine canvas goods, Canvaspop. From their website they’ll look like any random “anywhere” based print shop, but finding a Canadian, or even Ottawa-based, distributor for me was huge because A. I could save on duty and shipping B. Work closer with the company to […]

It’s so nice to be able to walk to work. Some people are like “Half an hour?” oh no! Those people obviously aren’t from Toronto – maybe it will get tougher after some serious snowfall, but it’s nothing, shit, I used to walk half an hour to my bus stop…

Montréal is awesome. This was my first trip to the great city and I loved it. My buddy Rainbow once told me that Montréal had the hottest girls in Canada – he’s likely right – though these things no longer phase me, I was just told he was right. This was also the first time […]

I don’t think I have a set talent that I could perform comfortably in public. Unless you count witty banter and drop-dead good looks a talent (the ladies sure do!). I’m one of those guys that can *sort of* do everything I try, but none of it very well. The only thing that I am […]

Man, I can’t be bothered today – I carried my camera everywhere, and I didn’t shoot a damn thing – I was too focused on my tasks. I need a day of wandering. Come the weekend, Ottawa may have some of that in store for me. This shot is actually the opposite side of the […]