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Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing
Recently I took a trip down to a local provider of fine canvas goods, Canvaspop. From their website they’ll look like any random “anywhere” based print shop, but finding a Canadian, or even Ottawa-based, distributor for me was huge because A. I could save on duty and shipping B. Work closer with the company to provide the best possible quality prints to my customers.

I was actually kind of shocked when they got in touch with me and invited me to come down and check out their opperations. The group at canvaspop was very cool, a little TOO cool actually, but I was lucky enough to have enough street sense to fit in and not act like a total douche.

I spent some time talking to Nazim & Adrian, the two guys who started the shop up, and they’re really interested in provided both the most seamless and pleasant ordering and product experience you can imagine, and making sure that they spend the right kind of money on making your canvas the best quality it can be. Check out their fancy quality page here.

Full Disclosure – they gave me some 8×12 prints of my images – not to write about them, I chose to do this, but so that I could see the quality of their product first-hand.

Lucky for you, I don’t feel right keeping these great little prints to myself. Sunday, on Twitter, I gave away one of the canvases. I’ll do the same today – I have an 8×12 canvas of this image which you can TOTALLY win from me if you answer this one skill testing question, either in the comments or via Twitter:
Which photo, on this blog, did I actually post TWICE (it’s so embarassing) or… if you want to take a guess – what is the subject matter of the photo?

hint: scroll to the bottom of this page, it was one of my first dozen posts and posted again by March 2007… Contest runs all day Tuesday May 4th and on Wednesday I’ll load all you up into a random hat and pick a name. I’m only willing to ship this in North America though, since I’m not made of diamonds or printer ink. GO!

Update: Canvaspop’s given you (my peeps) a 10% discount on orders, so drop me an email and I’ll hook you up!

3 thoughts on “Last Man Standing

  1. kim Allan says:

    oh oh oh! Guinness Beer. I love matching games

  2. Calusarus says:

    Almost the invisible man 🙂

  3. Erin says:

    The Guinness Beer – 2006-08-27 and 2007-02-07 – you must have really loved that beer. Man that was hard work. I think I need a beer now.