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I spent some time this week making arrangements and booking a lot of last minute portrait sessions and weddings, all of them based on referrals. It’s a great feeling to receive praise from your peers – praise coming in the form of recommendations: I can’t think of a better way to compliment a photographer than to recommend their professional services.

Some will pan out, other’s won’t. Photography, like any art, is subjective, and sometimes my style won’t jive with a potential clients vision. That’s okay! It’s okay that you want one thing and I will honestly tell you if I can’t do it. I think it’s borderline criminal to be anything but honest with those who trust you with their money and time… actually, let’s take that deeper…
Joe McNally recently blogged that – and I’m paraphrasing here – a portrait is an exchange; the subject gives the photographer trust and vulnerability, and the photographer gives back assurance, that they will respect, and take care of what was just given to them.

Honesty is key, it’s how I’ve always, personally, done business, and it’s how I live my life. I might SAY things that at times are a bit too “truthy” (or sarcastic I suppose), but taken to task you’ll get the straight goods out of me, for better or worse.

if interested, you can view this image larger on flickr.

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